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"Polarimetry days in Rome: Crab status, theory and prospects"



Rome, 16-17 October  2008 – Centro Congressi Conte di Cavour  - Via Cavour 50/A



A significant step forward in high energy polarimetry has been achieved with the recent INTEGRAL discovery of a high level of polarisation in the non-pulsed soft gamma ray photons from the Crab. After the initial discovery of X-ray polarisation from the Crab, achieved in 1976 with the OSO-8 satellite, more than 3 decades have passed before it has been possible to extend this result to higher energies. The "Polarimetry days in Rome"  is intended as a two-day Workshop aimed at bringing together scientists active in different fields from radio to gamma-rays in order to focus on the opportunities offered by this new window both from the observational and theoretical viewpoints. Due to the time limit the Workshop will focus on one specific astrophysical object and we take the Crab as our first case study. A dedicated section will also be devoted to discuss future prospects for high energy polarimetry observations both from balloon and satellite experiments.


 The main body of the meeting will consist of invited talks. Contributions are welcome as either

 posters or as possible short interventions (no more than 5 minutes) during the open

 discussions at the end of each day.


 Finally, this two-day meeting is a perfect way in which to celebrate with friends and colleagues

 INTEGRAL's 6th birthday and 6 years of success in gamma-ray astronomy.


Scientific Organizing Committee


 P. Caraveo (IASF-Milano/INAF),

 A. Celotti (SISSA, Trieste, Italy),

 A.J. Dean (Southampton University, UK), 

 G. Kanbach (MPI, Garching, Germany),

 F. Lebrun (CEA-Sap-Saclay, France),

 S. Masi (Università La Sapienza, Roma, Italy),

 J.B. Stephen (IASF-Bologna/INAF, Italy, Co-Chair),

 P. Ubertini (IASF-Roma/INAF, Italy, Co-Chair),

 M.C. Weisskopf (NASA-MSFC, Huntsville, US, Co-Chair),

 C. Winkler (ESA/ESTEC, Noordwijk, The Netherlands)  



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