The "Polarimetry days in Rome: Crab status, theory and prospects" proceedings will be published in the online journal "Proceedings of Science" - PoS - organized by SISSA, the International School for Advanced Studies based in Trieste. The deadline for submission is:

Referee Report

16 February 2009

Final Delivery

28 February 2009


 March 2009

The page limits for contributions to "Polarimetry days in Rome" are 6 pages for invited talks and poster presentations.
All contributions to the
"Polarimetry days in Rome" proceedings will be refereed by the "Polarimetry days in Rome" Editorial Board, which is composed of the members of the "Polarimetry days in Rome" Scientific Organizing Committee. The chairman in charge of the proceedings (Prof. Pietro Ubertini) can be contacted at and all inquiries concerning the proceedings should be sent to this E-mail address.


Preparation of the contributions

The contributions can be prepared using either LaTeX or MS Word. The final format must be a pdf document in the PoS style.




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